Community Links

April 2023


First day back at school after the Easter break and the children in Year 4 were visited by firefighters from the local community fire station.

They delivered the SPARKS programme which aims to develop children's knowledge and understanding of fire and road safety. Areas covered were the risks and causes of fire, fire escape plans, how to make an emergency call, the impact of hoax calls and road and in-car safety.

Children also learned what to do if their clothing ever caught fire- STOP, DROP and ROLL!

Before the end of the session, all the children got the opportunity to take a look inside and around the fire engine.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and we are grateful to the fire service for taking the time to help keep our children safe.

March 2023

Our school councilors went on a walk around our local area to do some litter picking to help support our application to achieve the Eco-Schools Award. Our aim was to positively contribute to our local environment and community. 


November 2022

On Friday 25th November, the choir from Goldthorn Park took part in a singing event at St Barts Church, Penn with the schools: Springdale, Woodfield, St Barts and the Royal Junior school.
This involved rehearsing a set of songs in the day that included the well known songs: Sing, We will Rock You, Nobody Knows, How Far I’ll go and just to put everyone in the Christmas spirit: Sparkle and Shine and Winter Wonderland!
We took part in a concert at St Barts in the evening, and truly gave an outstanding performance for parents, teachers and helpers. We had the most incredible fun day singing, making friends from other schools and can’t wait to return again next year!
A huge well done to all children involved – you made Goldthorn incredibly proud of you!

October 2022

Year 2 enjoyed their Diwali Day at Goldthorn Park. In the morning, the children hosted a wonderful Diwali assembly for their parents/carer and Year 5 children. They took part in various activities such as diva lamps, mendhi patterns, rangoli patterns and fireworks! In the afternoon, children enjoyed their class party in the afternoon - as you will see they certainly don't hold back with their dancing!


June 2022

This week we had a special visitor come to Goldthorn Park, Zanyar. Zanyar came into school to share his experiences travelling alone to a new country. The Welcome Committee and School Council took part in a question and answer session with Zanyar. The session raised awareness of Refugee’s and how daily lives and families can be effected. 


May 2022

What a great time Year 5/6 choir had at the Singing in the Rain event - Queen Square Tuesday 17th May.
We've missed this event immensely, but more than made up for it as not being able to take part over the last 3 years.
We sang our hearts out, and made some wonderful memories!



October 2021

We have had some special visitors this week at Goldthorn Park, our local MP Pat Mc.Fadden and wonderful Wolfie, the Wolves mascot! Wolves Tech Aid kindly donated laptops to help support our children’s learning. After receiving our new laptops, the School Council and Digital Leaders at Goldthorn Park had the opportunity to conduct a Q and A session with the MP, asking current and relevant questions about our school and community. What a fantastic day!

Well done School Council and Digital Leaders, you are superstars!




September 2021

Goldthorn Park Primary are proud to have participated in the Royal Mail’s Heroes of the Pandemic stamp competition. This competition supported Royal Mail to achieve Guiness World Record for the largest postage stamp design competition The largest postage stamp design competition consisted of 606,049 completed submissions and was achieved on 1 July 2021.

November 2019

Children from across Elston Hall Multi-Trust Academy performed their piece to ‘Speechless’ which reflects the importance to never underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, or the smallest act of caring. We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say. We have within us, the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world one small step at a time.

The children were fabulous and made us all proud.


October 2019

What a fantastic time we had on our visit to St Peter’s church, Wolverhampton, for the Open Door Project! Learning all about the church was fascinating and we learnt many interesting facts about the church and its history during our tour. During the event, we had opportunity to make our very own stained glass windows, chalices, brass rubbings and stoles. These were lots of fun to make and we were all proud of the objects we made. Have a look at what we got up to by looking at the picture gallery below.

We hope you enjoy!