Wider Curriculum Events

November 2023


Year 4 had a terrific time at Think Tank!
The children were extremely well behaved and represented Goldthorn Park very well.
All of the children participated in a Forces and Friction workshop where they learnt so much! Ask your child what they know about magnets and friction!
Well done Year 4, we are very proud of you.

October 2023

Thank you to all parents who attended the online behaviour workshop, with Patrick Flynn. Patrick highlighted the key risks and harms that parents need to aware of and he also shared strategies to support parents. We hope you found the workshop really informative and well done to our children who joined their parents to take part in the online safety quiz. Congratulations to our top 3 winners who will receive an Amazon voucher!
1st place - Kavach (£15 voucher)
2nd place - Avani (£5 voucher)
3rd place - Emelda (£5 voucher)

On Friday 8th September 2023, Year 2 began their new topic ‘Inter Nation Media Station’ with a wonderful inspiration day. Children dressed up as news reporters to investigate and present their own news about a tiger on the loose! They also presented their own weather forecast and took part in a talk show to discuss Is the Big Bad Wolf really bad. The children used iMovie app to create their own news channel! Well done Year 2!



June 2023

Riddle me this! Year 1 learnt all about riddles in English and wrote clever riddles about nocturnal animals linked to their “Light up the World” Topic learning. We chose six finalists whose poems were sent to be part of the Young Writers Poetry Safari competition. ALL of the talented finalists have been selected to have their poems published in a Young Writers Anthology!

April 2023


First day back at school after the Easter break and the children in Year 4 were visited by firefighters from the local community fire station.

They delivered the SPARKS programme which aims to develop children's knowledge and understanding of fire and road safety. Areas covered were the risks and causes of fire, fire escape plans, how to make an emergency call, the impact of hoax calls and road and in-car safety.

Children also learned what to do if their clothing ever caught fire- STOP, DROP and ROLL!

Before the end of the session, all the children got the opportunity to take a look inside and around the fire engine.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and we are grateful to the fire service for taking the time to help keep our children safe.

March 2023

On Tuesday 14th March 2023, Year 3 had a wonderful time at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara. Mr Sandhu was our trip guide and he gave us a detailed insight into Sikhism and the running of the Gurduara. The children were all brilliant and asked a lot of well thought out questions. The visit ended with the children sampling some of the Indian cuisine. It was lovely to see their enthusiasm. Well done Year 3!

March 2023

Jurassic Hunters

CLICK HERE to find out about our day!



March 2023

The whole school had a fantastic time with Lawrence Prestidge. KS1 and KS2 enjoyed a special assembly where he shared his own poetry book. Lawrence also led Year 2 and Year 5 workshops where children generated ideas for their own character and written character descriptions.  Parents also came to meet and greet the author and bought a signed copy of his book!  

January 2023

Land Ahoy!

Ahoy there me hearties! Year 2  had a swashbuckling Inspiration Day! They designed and described their own pirates, created a soundscape linked to pirate ship and ocean, sang pirate songs, shouted commands and composed their own pirate dance.


December 2022

Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous day as Ancient Egyptians learning all about the pyramids, the mummification process and creating their own side-portraits of an Egyptian Pharaoh using mixed media! They also worked in teams and using problem solving and communication skills to work together in order to escape from an Egyptian tomb. Thankfully all groups managed to escape with minutes to spare!