Sporting Events

July 2021

It was a great day of various multi skills activities! Involving Archery, Tri Golf and Basketball!
Everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves
Elston came 4th
Goldthorn 3rd
Palmers 2nd
Edwards winning!

October 2019

We have really enjoyed having a professional cricket coach in Year 4 this term.  We have learnt many skills that are needed for cricket. Most of all we have enjoyed working together as one big team!




June 2019

On Friday 14th June, twelve year 3 and 4 children had the opportunity to compete in the Great School Run at Aldersley Leisure Village. The children had a fantastic day! We played netball, football, volleyball and archery. Then, the children competed against other schools in a great school run. We are so proud of their perseverance as they kept running and didn't give up, even in the horrid weather! At the end of the race, the children met Wolfie, the Wolverhampton Wanders FC mascot.



March 2018

Seven talented footballers were asked to take part in a football tournament at the Wolverhampton Dome training ground on the 8th March 2018.  The children played four games throughout the tournament against different schools. They won one, drew two and lost one. The boys missed out on the finals by one point which was very disappointing but they were all proud of their achievements throughout the tournament.

A massive well done from Miss Tolliday and Mrs Lloyd. Keep up the good work!

January 2018

On 31st January, Goldthorn played their first netball match against Corpus Christi. The game started off pretty slow, both teams trying to keep possession of the ball but it was continuously intercepted by the opposition.  After five minutes, Goldthorn started to find their rhythm by moving the ball around confidently, up and down the court. With a great team effort, Jaskeerat scored a brilliant goal which made it 1-0. Corpus Christi came back at us with a vengeance and scored an equaliser.  Following a frustrating period of play  Liyana finally scored the superb goal she deserved. Once again, the opposition got straight back into the game making it 2-2. Tyrelle and Keyana were playing extremely well in defence trying to keep the           opposition from scoring. This game could have gone either way!  The last period began and Goldthorn were on top with superb passing amongst Shiven, Jaskeerat and Liyana, who were moving their way swiftly up the court. Another goal for Jaskeerat made it 3-2 to Goldthorn. We managed to stay on top,   intercepting any passes made by Corpus Christi.  To top a brilliant game off, Liyana managed to score another superb goal making the final result 4-2 to Goldthorn Park!

Well done to all who participated, you were brilliant!