Theme Days

November 2021

Goldthorn Park took part in the annual fundraiser led by the School Council. Children wore spotty and yellow clothes, decorated Pudsey biscuits, took part in a drawing competition and donated more money in the Books and Toys sale. Thank you children and parents for kindly donating books and toys from for this worthy cause.

November 2021

Year 4 have had a wonderful afternoon recreating life on the Titanic! They were split into 1st class and 3rd class. 1st Class passengers were waited on in the luxurious dining room - they couldn't get enough. 3rd Class passengers had to help themselves to their meal and clean away their own tables.
Later on, the 3rd Class passengers thought that life was more fun in the evening as they danced around with friends and had a ball.
1st Class passengers, sat around the table and listened to classical music whilst enjoying conversation.

September 2021

June 2021

Year 4 had a phenomenal day of learning from Humph's Histories about Ancient Greece. The day was packed full of learning and exciting experiences for all of us - including the staff!
Steve really brought History to life for everyone and we have all learnt so much from this day. The children went home really excited and can't wait to continue their learning this term.

Click on the box below for photos from the day!

May 2021

Class 10 have enjoyed learning to play the Violin with the Wolverhampton Music School this half term.

Class 9 eagerly await their turn after the holiday!


March 2021

Children took part in a special science day. Click on the box below to see what they got up to!

March 2021

Children really enjoyed supporting Comic Relief by dressing up as superheroes or wearing red! They also had great fun sharing our favourite jokes!



On Tuesday 9th February 2021, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. Each year group took part in different activities to help them understand how to stay safe online.  The theme was: An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world. Throughout the day, the children listened to a virtual assembly led by Mr Sandhi and Y5 Digital Leaders which can be viewed here and took part in some exciting activities including the BBC Live Lesson!

Pupils and staff enthusiastically took part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day 2020.

All pupils were encouraged to join staff by wearing their favourite Christmas jumper and made donations. They also enjoyed having a delicious Christmas dinner with their year groups and teachers. Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is an annual event that aims to help children around the world to grow up healthy and safe, and to get an education. For more information, please visit the Save The Children website.


November 2020

Children showed kindness and gratitude in supporting our annual Children In Need day. The children wore odd and spotty socks and participated in a raffle draw.