Theme Days

May 2023

Goldthorn Park celebrated King's Coronation with children and staff dressed in red, white and blue They created their own crowns and union jack flags, ate a scrumptious coronation dinner, sang the coronation song, wrote important events of King Charles III and took part in traditional games. Also, The School Council and Welcome Committee children had the honour of meeting Lord Lieutenant Dr Sharma MBE, who presented a message from King Charles III and gave an inspirational speech about his life and how he was able to achieve the title of 'Lord Lieutenant'. Dr Sharma certainly inspired many of the children who he spoke to.

March 2023

Comic Relief 2023 was a huge success at Goldthorn Park. Children wore something red for the day. The School Council held a film night fundraiser for KS1 and KS2 where children watched a movie in the school hall.  We raised £500! Thank you to everyone who contributed donations and attended the film nights.

March 2023

Pupils and teachers dressed up in their night time clothes to highlight the joys of reading as they celebrated World Book Day on Friday 3rd March 2023. Teachers shared their favourite stories with different classes and children enjoyed sharing their favourite night time books. Year 6 organised and ran a pre-loved book sale as part of World Book Day 2023. 

The pre-loved book sale proved to be a popular and successful event that enabled children to pick up a new book for 50p. A big thank you to Ekam, Eishamjit, Rionjit, Rupinder, Kashvi, Shana, Avni and Hannah who helped to organise and sell the books to children across school.

We raised a total of… £99.50 which will be used to purchase new books for school.

A massive thank you to each and everyone of you that donated books to help make this event a success.


July 2022

We have thoroughly enjoyed our week celebrating the Commonwealth Games here at Goldthorn Park. We have learnt lots about different countries and have enjoyed taking part in the in house games at the different schools across our trust. We are so proud of our children that have represented us at these events. They have shown great sportsmanship and teamwork. It has been wonderful seeing all of the schools unite together and celebrate this special time.

To view our opening and closing ceremonies and lots more photos from the week, please click on the boxes below.


May 2022

Pupils, staff, and governors have enjoyed a special day of celebrations in the lead up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as they prepare for the half-term holidays. The off-timetable event saw the whole school take part in a raft of fun activities in honour of the Queen’s 70-year reign.

Pupils took part in a specially themed ‘street party’ lunch, with bunting, flags, afternoon tea and cakes, the children enjoyed a traditional party with themed games such as ‘Pin the Tail on the Corgi’ and created colourful and exquisite crowns!

Thank you to Nanny Lynne and the parent volunteers for supporting and preparing this special event!

For more photos click on the box below.

April 2022

Goldthorn Park celebrated Eid in school, children dressed in their traditional clothes or wore a shade of green, which Islamic holy colour. They started with an assembly and during the day children got involved in different Eid activities including calligraphy, making Eid cards, and other art and craft activities.


March 2022

Goldthorn Park took part in World Book Day on Friday 4th March. Children were invited to dress up as their favourite book characters. All children enjoyed taking part in book related activities during the day.

Amongst the many characters from Harry Potter, and multiple princesses across the year groups, we also had very hungry caterpillars, Where's Wally, Horrid Henry, Gangsta Granny, Mildred Hubble and the Cat in the Hat, amongst many others. Staff also enjoyed dressing up as much as the children.

World Book Day in Nursery!

We enjoyed breakfast bagels and books!



Year 5



January 2022

Year 1 had a fantastic inspiration day to introduce our new topic,  'City Explorers' which is based on the book Claude in the City.  Linking to the book, we had a 'robber' come in a steal a very special parcel that was supposed to be delivered to Class 3 and Class 4. The children had to chase the robber to try and get the parcel back! Once the parcel had returned to us, we got to explore all of the things that Claude had left for us in there. This helped the children to learn all about the different countries within the UK and the capital cities for each of them. They then had the chance to create their very own posters in teams to encourage Claude to visit the city of Wolverhampton by telling him all of the wonderful things that you can do here!




 January 2022

Year 4 children had a disco on their inspiration day! They came dressed as their favourite musical hero and shared great facts about them to the rest of the class. We listened to a variety of musical genres from over the years. Some were live performances! We enjoyed dancing and celebrating great music. What is your favourite music genre?



January 2022

On Friday 7th January 2022, Year 2 children took part in Rumble in the Jungle inspiration day. The children dressed up as explorers and rainforest animals. They recited a poem called ‘Walking through the Jungle’ and created their own rainforest poem. They ‘imagined’ they were explorers to visit the Amazon Rainforest and enjoyed learning number facts in Jungle Maths. In the afternoon, the children created their own paper plate rainforest animal and collage trees for their classroom.




December 2021

Pupils and staff  generously took part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day 2021 on Wednesday 8th December 2021.

All pupils were encouraged to join staff by wearing their favourite Christmas jumper and made donations. They also enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner with their year groups and teachers. Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is an annual event that aims to help children around the world to grow up healthy and safe, and to get an education.

For more information, please visit the Save The Children website.