Goldthorn Park are proud to announce our Digital Leaders. We are sure you will support your friends, teachers and parents in staying safe online!

 November 2022 CLICK HERE for information from Anti-Bullying Week



On Tuesday 8th February 2022, the children at Goldthorn Park celebrated Safer Internet Day. The digital ambassadors presented a special assembly to KS2 and KS1 children about gaming and being respectful online. Children across the school took part in a PSHE afternoon session. EYFS created their own usernames and passwords. In KS1, the children discussed their emotions about different scenarios as well as writing a positive message to DigiDuck who was being bullied by anonymous online user. In KS2, children understood what is reliable and unreliable about online gaming as well reviewing age appropriate games.


On Tuesday 9th February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. Each year group took part in different activities to help them understand how to stay safe online.  The theme was: An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world. Throughout the day, the children listened to a virtual assembly led by Mr Sandhi and Y5 Digital Leaders which can be viewed here and took part in some exciting activities including the BBC Live Lesson!