Welcome back to a new term and your child’s final term at Goldthorn Park before moving on to your new schools. We hope you have had a lovely Easter spending time with your families!

We have a busy term ahead of us so we hope that the children are well rested and ready to show their best learning!

The first 2 weeks back will be continuing our preparations for SATs tests, this will include teaching test skills and using past test questions to develop children’s confidence in order to achieve their very best. We will also continue to focus on developing our writing skills across a range of texts including short stories, persuasive texts and letters.

SATs will take place the week beginning Monday 9th May 2022 – it is vital that children attend school this week and do not miss the tests. We will be running a breakfast club for all Year 6 children during this week starting at 8:15am in the school hall where breakfast and juice will be provided as we find this helps children to relax and prepare for the days tests with their friends. Below, we have listed the days that the children will undertake the tests:


After SATs, we will continue with our writing and other areas of learning including the exciting new topic, Global Warning.

During the week beginning Monday 20th June to Wednesday 22nd June, some of our children will be heading off to Laches Wood on our residential trip. Please could we request that all monies be paid as soon as possible. If you are not sure how much you owe, please get in touch and we will let you know.


Mr Rawlinson (Class 14)               Mr Pryce (Class 13)               Mrs Jones (TA)

November 2021

Year 6 had an amazing time at Cadbury World on Friday 5th November. From learning about how our favourite confectionery is made and uncovering the fascinating story of Cadbury Chocolate, to adding our own favourite treats to a delicious pot of warm melted Dairy Milk and experiencing the thrills of the 4D cinema experience. This was a trip filled will lots of enjoyment and learning experiences. Please take a look at a selection of photos from our visit. 



March 2020

Year 6 focussed their learning during Science Day on taste. Our first investigation aimed to prove a scientific theory that children prefer sweet foods and dislike bitter tasting foods.
 Are you a supertaster? Well...Year 6 aimed to find out if they were by counting the number of fungiform papillae on their tongues. We painted our tongues with blue food colouring and repeated the counting 4 times and took an average to determine the total number. Our observations found that the majority of children were classed as tasters which backed up the scientific evidence.